Sennheiser e935 Cardioid Microphone Review

Sennheiser e935 Cardioid  Microphone ReviewIn a day and age when reality TV is king, the chances are very high that you will have seen this sight a million and one times before. Someone walks on stage, gives you their life story before they belt out a song into a handheld microphone. Whether you think this is a good or... Read More »

Porter Cable PCFP02003 Air Compressor Review

Porter Cable PCFP02003 Air Compressor ReviewAir compressors are one of those devices which you won’t appreciate until you really need it. You may be heading off on a camping trip and need to blow up the family’s air beds. You could be travelling miles away from home and need to pump up your cars tyres. You could even be hosting... Read More »

Samsonite Deluxe Voyager Garment BagReview

Samsonite Deluxe Voyager Garment BagReviewLet’s think about planning a holiday in a bit more detail. The best bit is figuring out where you want to go and when as well. You can spend hours looking at exotic destinations all around the world and picking where you want to go to get that tan. Once that is all done then... Read More »

Reviewed For You – Makita XPH012 18V Cordless Hammer Drill

Reviewed For You – Makita XPH012 18V Cordless Hammer DrillWhen you are choosing a drill that you will be using at home, or even at work, there is an abundance of makes and models to choose from. An important thing to consider is what you will be using the drill for. The best kind of drill to use for many tasks is a cordless... Read More »